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Stir occasionally and let cook for however long you wish. Whilst headbanging around the kitchen to the music.

Despite the fact I have done tons of cooking over the Christmas period I’ve not really been bothered to take photos with a mind to blog, probably because I spent a few days in an alcohol fuelled fuzz, which I do very infrequently, but it is Christmas and that’s the whole point isn’t it?

This is Martin’s chilli, he is another internet friend who I was lucky enough to meet when he moved back to England after 20 odd years of living in Australia, anyway he kindly offered not only to send me photos, but do the write up too..

I think this looks really yummy, I wish I were making chilli for dinner tonight..

Martins Chilli

I don’t get the opportunity to cook much, so when I do I like to make a meal of it (as it were!) and enjoy the whole experience, have the kitchen to myself, put some appropriate music on and just relax! About the only thing I’m half good at cooking is a Chilli, so that’s what I’m cooking here.

First to choose some appropriate music. As chilli is a “heavy” meal, as apposed to say egg and beans on toast, a light meal, the music I chose was nice and heavy, the “Reise, Reise” album by Rammstein.

Next I like to get all the ingredients of the meal together, just so I don’t get a sudden panic half way though cooking and realise I’ve missed something important, like the chillies….

chilli prep

As you can see in this picture, I have some fairly hot, scotch bonnet chillies in the mix, as I found them on a market stall when shopping, so they add more flavour to the ordinary red and green chillies. I like to try different chillies when I get the chance, (health warning later!)

Mmm, I hear you think, there seems to be something missing. Well as this is my recipe I only put in what I like and leave out what I don’t.

Next I plonk the mince in the pan, sprinkle with some chilli powder and chilli flakes and begin cooking.


As it begins to cook, going from that raw pink colour to a nice brown, I prepare the other ingredients.

First I open the cans of tomatoes and kidney beans and drain and rinse the beans.

Next (whilst keeping an eye on the cooking mince and stirring occasionally) I roughly chop the mushrooms, (roughly because as I say, it’s not a gentle meal!)

And the same with the peppers.


And finally I chop the chillies themselves. Now lots of people think that the seeds are the hottest part of the chilli, but it is actually the white membrane bit that the seeds are attached to. So I never worry about getting rid of all the seeds, if they stay in so be it!

Now when cutting chillies up it pays to be careful and wear rubber gloves and dispose of them immediately after. There is nothing worse than 2 hours of intense and utter agony and tears followed by a day of heavy throbbing and finally 2 days of mild discomfort after cutting up habenaro chillies without gloves and then going to the loo…trust me I know!

Next, when the mince has cooked nicely and turned a nice brown, take all the ingredients and pour them all into the pan, add the jalapenos, the chopped chillies in marinade, tomato paste and more chilli flakes and powder.

add everything

Stir occasionally and let cook for however long you wish. Whilst headbanging around the kitchen to the music.

When it is finally cooked to your satisfaction, serve with nan bread, rice if you wish, (any type) and a nice glass of whatever you fancy (in my case a nice strong cider such as HCC 7.5%) pick up your fork and taste! I never taste my food as it is cooking I love the surprise of sitting down at the table and tasting it for the first time!
Is it good?
Is it inedible?
Who knows til then!

with rice and naan chilli

Thank you very much Mart’ for offering to participate in ‘What my friend had for dinner’ I think it looks absolutely delicious..