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and then you get that awful peaness in your mouth (don’t be vulgar!  I know what it reads like- LOL!!)

I had a recipe card knocking about in my kitchen junk basket that had come with the newspaper several months ago and I was looking for a sturdy piece of card to make into a cone so I could top up the bird feeders and that was perfect, before I rolled it up I had a quick look to see what was on it and it was a Jamie Oliver dish called ‘Golden Chicken’ and I thought, that’ll do for dinner one evening, so I made my own version.

Golden Chicken

Really simple dish, and didn’t take long either, although I’m not sure why it’s called golden chicken, I suppose it’s because it’s golden..

chix prep

I sliced up some onions and started to sweat them off.

I cut my chicken into smaller pieces, seasoned it using my new Christmas present Salt and pepper mills : ) and added a few thyme leaves.

season chix

Then I bashed it out between a sheet of grease proof paper


and put it into the pan with the onion and fried it on both sides until it was, well golden.

Then I chucked in some bacon and fried that off too.

add bacon

Just as it was done I added a splash of white wine to help scrape up the bits from the pan.

chicken and bacon

It looked lovely.

chicken and bacon2

It tasted even better.

I served it with potato gratin and some green veggies.

chix 2


I don’t really like peas as a vegetable in their own right, or rather, I don’t really like frozen peas, I hate the sensation you get when you chew a mouthful of peas and they sort of pop out of their skin and then you get that awful peaness in your mouth (don’t be vulgar!  I know what it reads like- LOL!!)

I don’t mind raw or very fresh, blanched peas, nor sugar snap peas and I have to confess that I love mushy peas, processed peas and pea fritters, but despite my dislike, I always have a bag of petit pois in the freezer because they are handy to add a splash of colour to some dishes and my husband likes them.

I did peas with this dish because there wasn’t much else in the fridge, a few green beans and a quarter of a leek.

So I blanched the green beans, added the peas for a bit and then drained them, sautéed off the sliced leek, added the peas and beans and cooked then in butter for a bit..

Very tasty indeed and no vile peasness..