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I made a chicken liver parfait as a starter for our staying at home new years eve dinner, Chicken livers are one of my favourite things and this dish, as the name suggests, is perfect..

Unlike the Chicken Livers and the Pâté, this is  luxurious and creamy, and best eaten in small quantities because of it’s richness, I like to serve it with an onion chutney and toast.

This is best made a day or two in advance.

I used two punnets of livers

parfait prep

I washed the livers and then removed as much of the sinew as I could find, searched for any bit’s of bile sac and blood clot, I wanted the end result to be a smooth as possible.

I melted quite a lot of unsalted butter into a pan and then gently cooked the livers until they were just done, it’s important you don’t ‘brown’ them.

cook livers

I seasoned them with salt and pepper then added a good glug of Brandy, which I flamed.

I strained the livers and then blitzed them in the food processor with a little cream until they were smooth.

blitz up

Then I passed them through a fine sieve using the back of a spoon..

pass through fine sieve

added a little more cream.

mix in cream

Gave it all a jolly good whip up with the spoon.
and put it into a loaf tin.
put in a terrine

I Took it out of the fridge about 2 hours before I wanted it and  served it on a bamboo board with rustic Melba toast and chutney..


It was absolutely delicious..

and really nice on toast for lunch the next day.