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I made a really cheesy, stringy sauce..

Mr 5 has been in hospital having a phosphate infusion for the last few days so I’ve not bothered to do a proper food shop since before Christmas and have just been using up what’s in the fridge.
So dinner last night was left overs..

I got the idea from a scene at the beginning of the film Julie and Julia where she looks like she is frying off some sort of bread and heaping it with roast vegetables, I must have squirreled it away in my head somewhere and then it popped back when I need inspiration..

Garlic Bread pizza
left over prep

I roasted off a few bits of left over peppers, mushroom and onion, which I seasoned with salt, pepper and mixed herbs.

I sliced up the left over half baguette garlic bread and baked it in the oven, when it was done I added some chorizo, a diced tomato and a few spoonfuls of passata and put it back in the oven for a bit.

add toms and chorizo

I made a very stringy cheese sauce of Cheddar, red Leicester and wet mozzarella with a few chilli flakes in it.

cheese sauce

then topped the bread with the roast vegetables

add roasted veg

and covered it with the sauce and baked it for a few more minutes
out of oven

It was surprisingly very nice, considering it was a few left over things in the fridge


I had it with some home made potato wedges.

with wedges