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It’s all a little Heath Robinson, but that’s what appealed to me.

A little while ago I was surfing the net with a rack of lamb in mind, when I came across this: The perfect rack of lamb, after reading through it I was intrigued, many years ago while attending day release at my local tech college for my city and guilds catering exam, we briefly glossed over the sous vide process, it wasn’t widely known about and not something I’d likely come into contact with and never have, but now, with access to the internet it is possible to find just about anything, so I just had to give this home made method a go, to see how successful it was ..

It’s all a little Heath Robinson, but that’s what appealed to me.

Sous vide steak.

I took my room temperature filet steak and put it into a zip lock bag, plunged it into water to expel the air and sort of vacuum seal it..

vac seal

Then I filled up a mini cooler box with water that was at the exact temp of 49°c, I initially went by the info on the website I’d read, next time I think for a steak I’ll reduce it to about 38-40 °c.

49 c

put the steak into the water..

cooler box

shut the box, piled on a couple of towels just to make sure and left it for 3 hours..

heap on towels

The Verdict.

After 3 hours, which was just about dinner time..

I took the steak out.

after 3 hours

and seared it on a ripping hot grill pan, flipped it over and did the over side, just so it was brown..

amazing steak

I served it with some fries and mushrooms.

steak and fries

It was amazing, it was juicy and tender, and cooked all the way through but still nicely rare, It’s hard to describe, you can see for yourself:

steak done

I have decided to try this method with various different cuts of meat and it has cost me the price of a packet of zip lock bags, I already had the mini cooler box, temp probe and towels..