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they are delicious, even cold, straight from the tin.

I’ve never had an enchilada before, unlike in the U.S, Mexican food hasn’t gained the same popularity over here  as say, Chinese or Indian, so there are very few Mexican take aways, and apart from chilli con carne and chicken fajitas you won’t generally find it on many food establishment menus, certainly not outside of big cities anyway.

So unless one mooches about in the very tiny old el paso section of the supermarket, it’s not really the sort of thing you’d think to make and as I was mooching, I thought it high time I made some, I had to read the back of an enchilada kit to find out what they were, the difference between them and burritos and how to go about making them.

I certainly wasn’t going to buy a kit, so I bought corn tortillas and decided to scour the internet for a suitable recipe..

This is my own version of several recipes I found, It’s probably not even an enchilada, but that’s what I’m calling it..

Almost Enchiladas

enchilada prep

First of all I didn’t have any tinned tomatoes to make the enchilada sauce, so I compromised with a little passata I had in the freezer and some fresh mini plum tomatoes.

I fried off some onion with chilli flakes, cumin seeds and ground cumin, added a sprinkling of cajun seasoning and then mixed in the diced tomatoes and some fresh herbs and cooked slowly until soft.

tom sce

Then I added a little passata to make the sauce.

I fried off the turkey, with onions and peppers, chilli and plenty of cumin, then added the refried beans, I’ve probably said it before, I don’t know who first came up with refried beans, but they deserve a medal, they are delicious, even cold, straight from the tin.

mix in refried beans

I softened the tortillas in the microwave for a few seconds (that’s what it said to do on the packet), so I did and then spooned the filling onto them..


I rolled them up and put them onto some of the tomato sauce, then I put more sauce over the top..
add tom sce

I didn’t want the tomato to burn, so I scraped the pan out with a splash of water and just put it around the bottom of the dish too keep it all moist.

Then covered the lot in grated cheddar,mozzarella and red Leicester.

add chz

put them in the oven until the cheese had melted..

melt chz

and then dolloped some guacamole on the top..

with guacamole

They were very nice indeed, really yummy, and filling, in fact I probably ate more than necessary to be honest, I wasn’t sure why I was using corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas, apart from that’s what the recipes I’d read asked for,  there didn’t seem to be much difference, I was wondering if I ought to have ‘crispened’ them up prior to adding the tomato and cheese, not sure about that, so I’ll make them again and do that, just to see..


If this is not technically an enchilada then any advise or criticism is very welcome..

and if it is, well done me.. lol

close up

Not quite Burritos

I decided to make these again and ‘crispen’ them up first, it didn’t really make a lot of difference, I put the half the cheese inside this time round and made a salsa to top them with.


They were just as delicious and really nice cold the next day for lunch..

burritos 2

burritos 1