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Unfortunately, he refuses to part with his secret masala sauce recipe, 

This is my friend Chris’ chicken Masala recipe, Chris is a South African and Safari tour guide so he is always off gallivanting somewhere exciting and although I’ve never met him, well except virtually on facebook, he always sends me a postcard from some far flung exotic African outpost, consequently he isn’t home much, but last time he was, he made this dish and kindly send me photos.

Unfortunately, he refuses to part with his secret masala sauce recipe, which is a shame because I’d like to make this for myself using his recipe, I’ reckon he just buys it and decants it..

Secret recipe chicken masala


Soften the onions along with some star anise and cardamon.

secret sauce

Chris’ Secret Chicken Masala blend

add some garlic and ginger.

He still wont reveal his secret recipe, but I’m sure it’s not difficult to replicate, it appears to be a masala sauce, but it might just be spices, If I find out I’ll amend the post..lol


Mix the masala and the onions together and then add some chillis, not a very good picture of the chillis I’m afraid.


So here is an awesome photo of a rhino he took whilst doing his safari thing..

awesome rhino pic taken by Chris..

Then add the chicken

add chix

some tomato puree, potatoes and scotch bonnet chillis and a little water.


and simmer for an hour.

serve with rice and veg

and there you have, South African Chicken Masala, it looks gorgeous..