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The dish is so named because it makes bubbling and squeaking sounds during the cooking process.

Sunday evening we had roast loin of pork with cabbage and mash, I cooked more potatoes and cabbage than I needed so there would be left overs to make Bubble and squeak the next day.

roast loin of pork
Gratuitous crackling picture

Bubble and squeak.

You can use pretty much any vegetable in bubble, but generally it’s cabbage and potatoes, I added a little carrot, leek and green bean to mine, along with the roasted onions the meatloaf was cooked on, it can also be made with left over roast potatoes.

bubble prep

I mixed the potatoes and chopped veg together and seasoned it..

mix it all together

Then I cooked it in a hot pan using butter and a little oil.

fry it off

I added some sliced mushrooms to mine near the end of cooking.

I served it with Meatloaf , which I’ve never had before.

meatloaf and bubble

It was gorgeous, it was bubble and squeak, you can’t have a bad bubble and squeak…

bubble and squeak