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My hundredth blog post.. Hurray to me..


I certainly didn’t think back in August when I did my first post that it would reignite my passion for cooking as much as it has, but it has and I’m glad it has.This is my hundredth post..

..and I have 64 followers, how cool is that!

So this calls for something that isn’t a proper dinner, doesn’t have any boring, sensible vegetables in it and can be eaten with ones fingers.

The first time I had this was probably years ago at a Harvester or such like, as one of those sharing Platters.
Then I recall buying a Marks and Spencer “ready meal” version once, it was very nice, but I knew I could do better and certainly cheaper, so this is my version of a

Sharing platter

Sweet chilli chicken wings
Pork ribs in hoi sin sauce
Potato skins
breaded mushrooms and onion rings.

It’s very easy to prepare, it’s just getting everything in and out of the oven at the right times that makes it a little bit complicated, but I have a fairly good system nowadays.

First of all, I coat the pork ribs in hoi sin sauce, put them on a tin foiled tray in the oven. (The tin foil saves on a hell of a lot of washing up)

and do the same with the chicken wings but using sweet chilli sauce.

Then I scoop out the middle of the halved potatoes with a melon baller and pop them in the oven to bake.

I make up some nachos and guacamole and put them to one side.

Then I make some simple onion rings, I slice the onion into rounds, dip them in beaten egg and breadcrumbs.

When the potato is done, I pile in some chopped bacon and put them in the oven to cook it.

I put the onions into a roasting pan that has a quite a bit of oil in it and sort of shallow fry them in the oven along with a few coated mushrooms.

put the potatoes and nachos in to melt the cheese.
and then it all sort of comes together..

Admittedly there isn’t much greenery, It’s certainly not something we have every week, but it is a nice treat..

It’s not a proper dinner..