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and now it turns out it’s a Chimichanga,

I’m never entirely sure what all things are called, Enchiladas apparently are made with corn tortillas, burritos with flour ones, so this started out as being a burrito, which seems to be a fajita with the ends sealed up, so I fried it and now it turns out it’s a Chimichanga,  except those are deep fried I believe, so I’m going to pretend I know what I’m on about and call this:

Healthy Chimichangas.

burrito prep

I made chicken fajita filling, added some refried beans..

fajita n bnz

Then put some filling and cheese onto some flour tortillas

filled them

Rolled them up.

rolled them

Fried them off.

browned them

and piled them with guacamole and salsa.


I had them with some refried roast potatoes which I’d added bacon and cheese to..
leftover roast pots