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the fins on those things are vicious,

I was umming and arring about whether to do this sea bass with cannellini beans or lentils, and then what to do with them once I’d decided, so I asked my friends on Facebook, and between them, they came up with the following.

Sea bass with cannellini beans:

sea bass prep

I cleaned, gutted and beheaded the fish, the fins on those things are vicious, I stabbed my self a couple of times, little buggers, then I made 3 slits in each side.

I coated them with seasoned flour I’d generously added some smoked paprika and sumac to.

coat fish

and put them into a hot oiled roasting tin in the oven.

In the meantime I chopped up the veggies and roasted them..

roast veggies

I turned the fish once and cooked it until it was really crispy.

bake til crispy

I added cherry tomatoes and a tin of cannellini beans to the veg a little before they were done.

add toms and bnz

and then served them up with basil, diced red onion and feta cheese on the top..

with feta

Really tasty, both the beans and the fish..

with cannellini bnz

although a bit of a pain to eat because a few of those bones do get caught up, but lovely crispy skin..

sea bass