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I served it with some rather ugly home made breadsticks..

As I’m on a bit of a soup mission this winter it was only natural I should make minestrone. There isn’t really a set recipe for Minestrone soup, vegetables, tomatoes and often some kind of pasta is all that is needed.

This is made up from things I had as a matter of course in the cupboard/fridge.



I cooked off the onions in butter and a little splash of oil, the oil stops the butter burning, and then added the diced leek, carrot and cabbage, and cooked  that on low for about 15 minutes with the lid on..

sweat off veg

I added some water, a little veg stock powder, a bouquet garni and brought it to the boil.

add stock

Then I added a tin of tomatoes, some tomato puree, chopped herbs and diced potato.

add passata

and then finally beans, peas, some broken up spaghetti and a small carton of passata.

finish cooking

I left it over night as I usually do with soup before having it the next day for lunch.


I served it with some rather ugly home made breadsticks

with bread

and a shed load of grated Parmesan.

smother with parmesan

It was really nice, it benefited from being left over night..