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I stood on a duck board in the end and the extra height really made a difference

When I first started 5 kinds of rice I came across a post with a recipe for samosas in it and that was the first thing I added to my mental bucket list.

I didn’t make them for ages because at that time I was loathed to make pastry and didn’t think I wanted to, but I’ve been persevering and slowly mustering up enthusiasm and this morning I decided to make some, along with Jamaican patties, which were one of the more recent things on my list.

I couldn’t find the original post recipe, so I used this one for the samosas and this one for the patties

First things first though, I had to search round for something to stand on, I came to the conclusion that one of the reasons I dislike pastry/bread work is because I’m just that little bit too short and kneading and rolling is awkward, I’m only 5 ft.

I stood on a duck board in the end and the extra height really made a difference, oh, to be 5ft 2..

The only deviations I made to the recipes were to use left over cold roast potatoes in the samosas instead of boiled and add some nigella seeds to the pastry. I used beef suet in the patty pastry in place of shortening, after I’d found out exactly what it was and a UK equivalent.
Cookeen appears to be my best bet next time.

Vegetable Samosas:

I need to hone my circle rolling skills..

samosa filling

Quite pleased with my triangle folding technique.

fold up

I shallow fried mine, I didn’t have enough oil to deep fry them, I’m not sure if that would make a difference..


I was really pleased with them, I’m not sure what I thought they would turn out like, but they turned out like samosas, possibly the pasty could have been thinner, but for a first attempt I was satisfied….


Jamaican patties

I need to gen up on my pastry knowledge, I put it in the fridge for an hour like it said and then found it terribly difficult to roll out, it was hard, very short and a touch too dry and I wasn’t too sure how to improve it at that moment in time so I just forged ahead and rolled it the best I could.

I used a small bowl for a template this time..

patty meat

I did use a little more turmeric in the pastry than it called for, but they still weren’t as yellow as I thought they’d be..

fold and crimp

nevertheless, they bloody lovely


more so after they had cooled down a bit.

beef patty1

Traditionally Jamaicans eat these in coco bread, which sounds a bit like too many carbs at once for me, but I shall try my hand at the bread and have it with curry..

All in all, rather pleased with the results and hopeful that my baking enthusiasm with continue..