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people like me, with no musical talent whatsoever

I was thinking of a different potato dish that I could serve with the Parmesan chicken I was making for dinner when I came across a Hasselback potatoes recipe and decided to do my own version.
I’ve called these Guiro potatoes because that’s what they reminded me of, although I couldn’t for the life of me remember the name..
Fortunately I have some clever clog friends on Facebook who helped me out..


If you don’t know what a guiro is, it’s one of those instruments that people like me, with no musical talent whatsoever were given to play at school when all the triangles, tambourines and maracas had gone and they needed to give you something to play.

So these are:

Guiro Potatoes:

guiro pots prep

I sliced the potatoes almost all the way through along their length, smeared them with butter, put them on some onions with a little oil, garlic and thyme..

butter onions

and baked/roasted them..


Dead easy, a little bit different and very delicious, if the chicken I’d made had not had parmesan on it I’d have sprinkle them with some..