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Admittedly, the crackling garnish was a bit naughty

I bought a piece of ham the other day to cook for sandwich meat to use in the week and decided that  instead of baking it as usual, I’d ‘boil’ it and use the stock for soup..

As I can’t stand frozen peas I decided I’d make a more traditional soup and soak my own, this method is a bit long winded and took some preparation, but it was well worth it..

I removed the rind and put it to one side, soaked the ham over night in cold water to remove any excess salt, then I put it in the oven in a casserole of water with the lid on at about 100°c and cooked it for about 4 hours, then I removed the ham, cut the ends off and put them back in the pot and cooked that for another two hours, until the meat was nice and tender..

I also cut the rind into strips and baked it in the oven at the same time, turning the oven up at the end just to really crispy it up..



Puree of Pea and ham soup:

soup prep

I soaked the peas according to the instructions, the cooked them in ham stock for about 20 minutes..

cook peas

Then I finely chopped some onions, cooked them in butter and added a splosh of vermouth, mixed in the peas and the mushy peas.

mushy peas

the photo looks horrible, but that was the light..

I added a little ham stock and then pureed the lot and then passed it through a sieve and thinned it down with more ham stock.


I seasoned it, cooked it out and added the ham, then left it over night, in the morning it was thicker and I thinned it down with the left over ham stock..

pandh soup

I served it with some par baked baguettes and while they were in the oven I reheated the ham rind..


I thought it was delicious, even my husband, who had pulled a face when I told him we were having it enjoyed it.

soup done

Admittedly, the crackling garnish was a bit naughty, but who’s telling..