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I stopped off and the chippy and had cod n chips with mushy peas..

My sister and I decided to meet up at mums on Saturday and I said I’d take lunch, so on Friday I had a moment of insanity and spent the afternoon baking!

I made 2 quiches..


Rather an indulgent butter pastry which is well worth the calories..

8oz Flour
6oz butter
4 tsp water..
and you know the rest.

I baked the pastry blind for 20 minutes.

I made the egg custard using 2 eggs and half a pot of creme fraiche for each one and filled them with peppers, mushrooms, bacon, tomato, spring onions, cheese and a little chilli, then baked them for 30 minutes with the filling in.

Then with the pastry trimmings I made sausage rolls, using The Black Farmers  daughter’s chipolatas and because I had more sausage than pastry, made a 3oz flour and 2oz suet pastry too to use them up..


Then just as I thought I’d got over it decided to make choux pastry..
Apparently you can only make choux with plain flour, but as I had only SR I decided to break the mold and use that, so to all the people who commented on all of the forums I looked at with regards to using SR flour..

Well actually you can, they do rise and they do taste ok, so ner ner ner….


I made eclairs and grande profiteroles.


and while I was at it, I made chick pea, spinach and left over roast potato balls to go with the north African chicken dish I was making for dinner..


Dead simple, I just whizzed up a few wilted spinach leaves, left over roast potatoes and chick peas in my mini blender, seasoned it and molded it into balls and roasted them.

chix pea balls


On Saturday when I got in from my day out I stopped off at the chippy at had cod n chips with mushy peas..


bloody gorgeous..