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to be honest I thought they were pretty awful,

I do like fishcakes, so when I saw a tuna fishcake post I thought I’d try my hand at some, the price of fresh tuna is bloody exorbitant and I certainly wasn’t going to buy it for fishcakes, so tinned it was, I also thought I’d use sweet potato instead of normal mash and add some chilli and ginger for a thai twist.

Horrible Fishcakes
tuna fishcake prep

I mixed the drained tuna, some cooked sweet potato and all the other bits and pieces together..

other stuff

shaped them into fish cakes.

make cakes

coated them in breadcrumbs and some sesame seeds and cooked them off in the oven..

I served them on a bed of stir fried vegetables and noodles

stir fry veggies

tuna fishcakes

My husband liked these, they were edible but the sweet potato was a bad idea, to be honest I thought they were pretty awful, and it’s not often I make something I haven’t liked, it just made me think of sweet catfood..

tuna fc
Which was a shame because I thought they’d be really nice, if I do decide to make them again I’ll certainly not be putting sweet potato in them.

with noodles