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Classically it should be a Madeira demi glace

The first time I had Tournados Rossini was in a really nice restaurant in Saint Helier in Jersey when I was about 16,  I loved it and still do, but because foie gras isn’t the sort of thing you can just pick up in Tesco if you fancy it (and yes, I know, some people think it’s cruel) and black truffles require  a second mortgage, I make my own version, not only is it really easy to make, it tastes great too.

So this is my poor mans version.

Faux Tournados Rossini:

rossini prep

Firstly I make a red wine sauce, Classically it should be a Madeira demi glace but I never have either of those things.

I sweat off some finely chopped onion in lots of butter, add some garlic and then some sliced mushrooms, then some fresh chopped tomatoes, black pepper and parsley.

add toms mush

Then add quite a bit of red wine and reduce it.

add wine

Then I add some roast beef gravy from a packet mix, it’s easy and does the job perfectly and leave it to simmer for a while.

I prefer to use french baguette for my croute, which I toast and smear with a smooth chicken liver pate.

pate croute

I quickly pan fry my steak, which is at room temperature, it’s best blue or at the very most rare and put it on top of the croute..

steak on croute

and then coat with the sauce..


I serve mine with a simple rocket salad and some home made oven chips..

with red wine sauce

It really is very nice,

with chunky chips

we had it for Valentines day dinner with Lemon meringue pie for pudding..