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perhaps now people will be more inclined to buy real meat.

I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or not but since the horse meat scandal, which doesn’t really affect me seeing as I would never buy a frozen, processed beef lasagne or beef burgers that cost as little as 7p each, it seems Morrisons at least, have got their act together and have started to sell those cheaper but tasty cuts of meat that you wouldn’t normally think of,  perhaps now that people can, they’ll be more inclined to buy real meat.

So not only did I pick up this pigs knuckle for £2.62 I also managed to get four pigs cheeks for £1.22.
pork knuckle

Slow roast knuckle of pork:

I scored the skin of the knuckle and put it in the oven on  120°c for 3 hours..


There was plenty of meat on it, certainly enough for 2..

plenty of meat

I made a brandy jus with the pan scrapings and a little cornflour..


Crispened up the crackling..


and served it with some mashed potatoes, stuffing and veggies..


It was really nice, and cheap..

with veggies

So, if you can get your hands on one, or two, buy them while they’re cheap and before other people suss out how great they are.