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Over the years I occasionally had another go, but never quite cracked it..

rolls 2

My husband is half Irish on his mothers side, so when I met him 25 years ago I had my first taste of authentic homemade soda bread, it was so nice I got the recipe from his Auntie Fran and decided to make my own..

What a total disaster, it was horrible, hard, dense and had patches of lime green in it, which I subsequently learnt were a result soda ‘explosions’ because the bicarb had reacted with the cream of tartar, buttermilk at the time was not something you would see on the shelves so I had to sour my own and it just wasn’t happening.

Over the years I occasionally had another go, but never quite cracked it..

Until recently that is; I know now to handle the dough less, in fact hardly at all, I  just use Bicarb of soda and ditch the cream of tartar and if I can’t get buttermilk or just don’t have any, although it is much more readily available these days, I use plain yogurt as an alternative and making a smaller loaf or rolls takes less time to cook and less chance of a solid lump of bread..

The other evening while My sausage coddle was in the oven and I had 20 minutes to kill I thought I’d whip up some rolls to go with it, I only wanted a couple so my method reflects that.

Irish Soda Bread Rolls

I mixed a tsp of bicarbonate of soda and a pinch of salt with 200g of Brown flour and then added enough natural yogurt to draw it together into a dough.
It’s best handled as little as possible.

I molded them into 4 rolls

shape into rolls

cross cut the tops and dusted them with a little flour.
Put them in the oven on 200°c for about 8 minutes, then turned the oven down to 180° for another 8 minutes.

and they were done, I ate one immediately because they looked so lovely….


rolls 1

They were lovely, just like the bread but with more yummy crust..