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and some scones: pronounced gone not cone..

I decided to do some baking, just to make sure I was still a bit rubbish at it and also to see my new cake stand in action..
It really doesn’t come naturally to me, I don’t like all the mess I generate, which never happens when I’m cooking usually, I’m slightly OCD when it comes to clutter and this makes me feel all wrong, as does the butteriness, everything seems slightly greasy and out of my control and I have to constantly wash my hands, only to find the water is now cold and oily, I could go on but I’ll just cut to the cakes..


I made quite a bit of cake mix and did several variations to see what works best, still came away none the wiser, cake mix doesn’t seem to settle where I want it to, hence a few odd shapes, or it might have been that my mix split at the egg adding stage.


Any advice as to how to make  them level and  equal shaped without having to go and buy more equipment would greatly received.

So I made mini cupcakes

mini cupcakes1

My icing skills are a bit rusty, I shall have to work on them, but thank goodness for disposable icing bags, what a clever idea..

mini cupcake

Some Mini Lop sided Victoria sponges

victoria 1


and some :scones

pronounced gone, not cone..

half fruit half plain..

cream scone

fruit scone

all in all it was an awful lot of bloody hard work just to see if my cake stand worked…

more cake

and it does..

cake stand 1

The point of this exercise was for practice, I’m planning on visiting my friend for a day of respite soon and want to take afternoon tea with me, although obviously that will also include dainty cucumber sandwiches and some savoury pastries too I couldn’t be arsed to do them today..

I did enjoy my day of baking, not something I want to do often, but I will persevere, if only to get a flat round mini victoria sponge..