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I left it to cool down a bit while I wrestled with the pastry..

I had a feeling this was going to be a total disaster, despite knowing I was going to make it I completely forgot to take the filo pastry out of the freezer, which was a bit clever!
The instructions on the packet said defrost for at least 1 hr 40 minutes or over night, I chanced it and put it in the microwave for 3 minutes instead, which was just long enough, anymore and it’d have been buggered..

Apart from that it was easy enough to make, the pastry is a bit fiddly, but as I was scrunching it up it didn’t matter than some tore, I looks great though, I used creme fraiche because I had half a tub in the fridge that needed using up, but cream, milk or just stock will do..

Turkey filo pie

filo prep

I cooked off everything, onions first of course.

cook everything

Then added the creme fraiche and thickened the sauce a little with a smidge of cornflour.

add creme fraiche

I left it to cool down a bit while I wrestled with the pastry..

I lay 2 pieces across each other while trying to keep it intact…

layer filo

Then added the filling, brought the ends of the layers back over and added a few pieces more of scrunched up filo..

scrunch filo

Lightly brushed it with oil and put it in the oven til it was golden and crisp..


It’s really lovely, and not too heavy because of the pastry being so thin..

filo pie cut

We had half each..

filo filling

with a few halves of baked potato and some veggies..

with veg