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chucked over his back gate courtesy of the courier firm,

This is not so much a ‘what I had for dinner’ post, more of a ‘having a bloody moan’ one instead..

I bought my first ever purchase from eBay a few weeks ago, I never usually bother looking for anything on there, I always thought it was just for people trying to flog stuff they didn’t want, which just goes to show how much I know,  so I gave it a go and  took delivery of a new food processor, or rather my neighbour took delivery of my new food processor, which had been chucked over his back gate courtesy of the courier firm who clearly couldn’t be bothered to come to my front door, despite the fact they had to walk past my house to get to his, and that I was in all day.
So I was a bit pissed off to say the least, I paid 8 quid Postage for that privilege.

Unfortunately the idiot seller had simply covered the food processor box in that flimsy black polythene wrapping stuff which doesn’t really protect bouncing parcels..

… so it didn’t work and I had to go through the whole rigmarole not only of trying to puzzle the bits back into the box to close it, but then wrap it back up and organise courier return, so all in all I was out of pocket a fiver and certain that I will never buy anything on eBay again.

In the meantime I did what I should have done in the first place and bought a lovely little Bosch from Amazon, similar although more expensive, and free delivery and as Mr 5 had some discount codes I got 30 quid off too, it turned up the next day, to my door, with smiley, cheerful courier bloke, in a padded box, not the courier, he wasn’t in a padded box, the food processor was..

I decided to christen it today – which was yesterday, and make bread, previous attempts at bread making have been a bit rubbish because I really find kneading a chore and never did it for long enough- probably.

So this is not a bread recipe, this is just a few pictures of my bread.

But I did use 650g Strong White bread flour, tsp sugar, 2 tsps salt, 7g fast acting yeast and 1 tbsp oil all mixed up with 400 ml of warm water.
I brushed the tops with egg prior to baking.

I am really pleased with the results, unlike previous bread attempts it wasn’t doughy or dense, it tasted like bread and the top was lovely and crusty .

I made rolls and a small loaf..




We’d been to the hospital in the morning and had our lunch out, neither of us wanted a huge dinner, so we had
‘grown up fish finger sarnies’.

I had a bowl of mushy peas with mine.
Bizarrely, when I posted this onto my facebook 5 kinds page it went ‘viral’ and now over 250 people have seen my fish and mushy pea photo, not quite sure what that’s all about but clearly people like fish sarnies..