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I wasn’t sure the best way to cook them so I free styled..

There is a little Asian cash and carry at the top of town that I sometimes walk past and up until the other day I never really gave it a second glance, the small window is plastered in the usual stuff, posters to call Pakistan for 3p, send money home with unions transfers or whatever and we sell halal chicken, goat and lamb meat..

Goat!! They sell goat, been looking for that for yonks, so I went in, oh it was like an Aladdin’s cave of spices, rices, flour, I was in heaven poking about and picking up things to buy, and they had a goat, well two halves and a back leg of a goat anyway, I decided that I’d just get enough for a curry this time round, I probably got about 2 lb of meat for £4.50, which I think was quite acceptable, I also bought some chapati atta..

When I mentioned it on face book, a couple of people corrected me (pulls face), it’s curried goat says one, it’s curry goat say another..

Well whatever you call it, this is my version and it’s

Goat curry:

I marinaded the meat in oil with a Jamaican curry spice mix I’d got from the spicery, along with a little extra chilli powder, all spice and cumin, and  put it in the fridge for about 6 hours.

I also made up a chapati dough and put it in the fridge til I needed it.

goat prep

I browned the goat along with the onion, chillis, ginger and thyme.

fry meat

added flour to make a roux, and water to start the sauce..


Then I put in a small can of chopped tomatoes and stuck it in the oven for 2 hours then added some potatoes.

add toms

after another half hour or so I mixed in some coconut milk..

add coconut milk

and attempted my first try at chapati..

My rolling out skills leave a lot to be desired, I found that although they rolled ok, they would stick and I’d have to start again, so I did random shapes to be getting on with..

roll dough

I wasn’t sure the best way to cook them so I free styled..


I think a hot frying pan and a little ghee is probably my best bet, nevertheless, for a first go, they tasted just like chapati..

The curry was amazing, it was meaty, spicy and tasty.

goat curry

We had simple boiled basmati rice and the chapati with it..

with chapati

Next time I buy goat I shall get a piece to roast..