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I didn’t have half the stuff in any of the recipes I looked at, so I just made it up as I went along..

When I am writing out my weekly food shopping list I go through my freezer and have a tidy up and think of things I can make with any odds and ends I come across, this week I had a few jumbo tiger prawns, not really enough to do anything with, a whole packet of spring roll pastry that I kept promising myself I’d open and make something with and some chicken stock I’d made 3 weeks ago that was taking up too much room.

There isn’t much one can make with spring roll pastry and prawns, so I thought I’d attempt some sort of wonton type thingy and a soup to put them in.
I’m not really one for Chinese cookery, in fact what I know about Chinese cookery you could probably fit on one of those slips of paper you find in a fortune cookie, so it seemed odd I’d think of hot and sour soup, which I’ve only ever had once, but I decided to go with that, couldn’t be that hard.


But ever one for a try it and see, this is my version of

Hot and sour soup with prawn wonton thingies.

If you know about Chinese cookery, you might want to look away now, or sob quietly..

h and s soup prep

I didn’t have half the stuff in any of the recipes I looked at, so I just made it up as I went along.
I did happen to have some of these gorgeous enoki mushrooms which I’d bought on a whim a couple of days before..

I thinly sliced some peppers, spring onions and chilli.

shred veg

Put the chicken stock into a pan along with a capful of white wine cider vinegar and the same amount of light soy sauce, brought it to the boil and then flung in the veggies..

add mush

and that was pretty much it..
I left it to simmer for a while..

As for the prawn wontons; I finely diced up some of the veggies I used for the soup, along with the prawns.


and put a little onto a square of spring roll pastry.


The I discovered it had dried out, so I scraped it off and started again, this time I kept everything damp with kitchen roll.
I scrunched up the prawns in the pastry and gave it a little twist..


They seemed to hold together ok.
I wasn’t going to deep fry these, I couldn’t be arsed to go to the hassle of a pan of oil..

So I brushed them with oil and put them in the oven..


They turned out ok, definitely need to work on them though, the bottom fell out of a couple..

all in all, it was really delicious..


It was hot and it was sour and it was soup..