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Fortunately other people never turn down cakes

When I first started this blog I had intentionally meant for it to be just photos of the meals I cooked us for dinner, an extension of my facebook food page in case someone wanted to know how I’d done something, but I’m enjoying doing it so much it’s become a real project, which is why I feel the need to start to challenge my somewhat poor baking skills.
I’ve not much of a sweet tooth and I do think that if I bake 10 cup cakes..


Then that’s 10 cup cakes more to eat than if I hadn’t, But I do like the decorating bit.

Fortunately other people never turn down cakes and as it’s Mothers day on Sunday I made these for my mum..


So I decided to use my new food processor and make

Chelsea Buns:

I used this recipe , simply because it had 7g of dried yeast in it, and that’s how much is in a packet of easy yeast from Allinson’s.

The dough turned out really well and rolled nicely too.


I used mixed fruit, cinnamon and mixed spice in mine.

I could have probably rolled it a little tighter..

roll up

But it cut up ok..


and turned out beautifully, well I thought so anyway..

chelsea buns

But I ate 3 over 24 hours, which is totally unnecessary.


My next sweet project will be American muffins, and a really long walk afterwards..