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so shhhhh, we’ll keep it a secret..

Pork cheeks; Another one of those cuts of meat that is becoming more fashionable lately, probably because they are so cheap, I got 4 for £1.22, and bought two packs, although once they catch on, you can bet the price will shoot up, so shhhhh, we’ll keep it a secret..

They have plenty of natural fat marbling, so the dark meat stays moist while slow cooking, and they taste really porky.

Slow braised pork cheeks in cider:

pork cheek prep

I browned the pork cheeks, put them to one side and cooked off the onion, then mushrooms..


I put the pork cheeks back in, seasoned it all, added some thyme.


and then poured in some cider, which I reduced a little, then covered it in chicken stock.

add stock

I put that in the oven on about 115° for 3 hours.

When I came back to it, I added a can of cannellini beans and a little cornflour fecule and cooked it for another half an hour with the lid off, just to help thicken the stock..

with beans

I heaped it with some leeks.

with leeks

and served it with some soda bread rolls which didn’t take any time at all to whip up, I used half yogurt and half double cream to combine the flour and soda this time round..

pork cheeks with bread

It was really delicious, and dead cheap, I recommend getting some..