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my version of a Pakistani version of a Malay style biryani.

While I was buying some chapati flour the other day, I picked up another Shan spice box, they’re handy if I’m feeling too lazy to mix my own blend properly, all the spices are combined and the method to make the dish is on the back, which I like because it’s never what you think it’s going to be, so it’s a bit of a surprise making it and then once I have I can use the method for something else..

This time it was for a Malay style Biryani, I didn’t know that there was such a thing and had assume it was just artistic licence on Shan‘s part, but out of curiosity I had a look on line and it seems that yes, there is such a thing, although I don’t think it’s really anything like this..

I had a brief look at the ingredients needed and decide to ditch the cucumber, and replace it with peppers, as I didn’t fancy hot cucumber..
I also didn’t have time to marinade the chicken in the spices, so just rubbed them in.

So this is:

my version of a Pakistani version of a Malay style biryani.

malay prep

The spices in the box were:
paprika, cumin, star aniseed, nigella seeds, turmeric, red chilli, salt, cinnamon, black pepper, garlic powder and natural and artificial flavours.

I rubbed the spices into the chicken along with some garlic puree and crushed ginger, then put it into a pan with some water and simmered it until the chicken was done.

reduce liquid

I boiled the liquid down to almost nothing and browned the chicken in ghee, then put it to one side.
I cooked the onions, then the peppers, some spring onion and curry leaves, I didn’t have any tamarind, so I missed that step out, added some more spices, the chicken and some water and cooked it till the liquid reduced.


Then I added the rice, which I’d cooked about 3/4 done.
Gently mixed it together, left it for a few minutes..

and served it up with a couple of homemade chapati and some tomato on the top.


I have no idea if what a malay biryani is like, but this was gorgeous, it was pleasantly hot, very spicy and I shall do that again..