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Then you simply fold them over and eat them..

While I was looking for a chapati ‘how to’ video on YouTube I came across one of Rick Stein making Lahmacun, it looked gorgeous and simple enough, so I decided to try my hand at it..

It’s basically a Turkish pizza.
I decided to make the flat bread myself, seeing as I’m getting into the whole baking thing.

Firstly I made up some dough for the base.

Slightly annoyingly the dough recipe I was using was American and they have a tendency to use cups as measurements, fortunately I have ‘cups’ so I didn’t have to faff about converting, what’s wrong with pounds and ounces!!

I mixed a 7g packet of quick yeast into 3/4 cup of warm water along with a tsp of sugar and set it aside in a warm place (on the open oven door with the oven on low) and let it froth up for 10 minutes.
Then I mixed a tsp salt into 2 cups of flour and added the yeast mixture, bought it together to make the dough and kneaded it for 8 minutes.

put it in a oiled bowl with a cloth over the top and left it to rise for 40 minutes..

Lamb Lahmacun:

lahmacun prep

I blitzed up some peppers, chilli, garlic, parsley and onion in my food processor.

and then wrung out the juice in a tea towel.Rick Stein suggests this to keep the topping from being too wet (works a treat)

wring out peppers

I got rid of a few big chunks, then mixed it into the lamb mince along with some Ancho chilli powder (which has a mild heat).

When the dough had risen, I knocked it back and rolled out 4 bases.

roll dough

Then simply smeared the lamb mixture thinly onto each base.

add lamb

I put them in a hot oven, 240° for about 10 minutes..

I made a feta cheese and tomato salad to go with them.


They were gorgeous, especially with some lemon juice squirted over them.

with feta

Then you simply fold them over and eat them..


I have decided to make some more, but with different toppings, they really were worth the dough making..

Left over dough experiments

I had some dough left over and unsure of what to do with it decided it wouldn’t hurt to stick it in the fridge and experiment with it the next day just to see..

I made a couple of plain flatbreads, just rolled dough and baked in the oven.


I brushed one with oil, this seemed to prevent it ‘puffing up’, but nevertheless it was lovely and crispy and ideal to dip in oil..

crisp flatbread with oil dipper..

I cut the last into strips and just put them in the oven..


and brushed one with the dipper oil and a little Parmesan, which was really nice, so I have decided to have a flat bread session and make a few more different ones just to see..

with parmesan

oh and the last two bread stick ones left over, I dusted with icing sugar and mixed spice and scoffed them with a cuppa later that evening, no picture though..