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I reckon it would be nice, cold for lunch the next day too.

Whether you call this a pastry less quiche or a glorified frittata, it’s bloody lovely and easy to make, we had it on Thursday evening as a light evening meal seeing as we’d been out for lunch and didn’t fancy anything too heavy..

It’s great because you can put whatever you like in it or just fill it with left over odds and ends..

I had some cold baked potato from the day before that I used in mine, along with some peppers, chilli, mushroom, mozzarella, cheddar and bacon..

Pastryless Quiche

quiche prep

I put the dish I was cooking it in, into the oven to heat up, once it was hot I swilled it with a little oil and put in my filling..


Then I added the egg mix, enough to cover the filling, which was 4 eggs, beaten with some double cream and a little milk and then seasoned.

add egg mix

Then added some grated cheese and put it in the oven for 40 minutes.


and that was it..
quick to put together, but long enough cooking time to be able to go away and do something else.


The mozzarella was a good addition, it was all yummy and stringy when I cut into it..

pl quiche

I reckon it would be nice, cold for lunch the next day too.

Cupcake update

I decided to have another go at cupcakes.
I got the sponge just right this time, I shall share the recipe with you after I’ve perfected it..

I’ve also almost got the butter icing just how I imagined it should be, and I’m rather pleased with the colour too.

Just a little more practice on the piping, but I’m almost there..