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we used to have these little shops that sold bread and they were called bakeries,

Years ago, back in the olden days before they flattened our town center and turned it into yet another generic, characterless indoor shopping mall, we used to have these little shops that sold bread and they were called bakeries, these days I believe they are called Greggs , and sell greasy, indigestion inducing pastries, pasties and sausage rolls, that people who don’t know any better tend to shove in their faces while mindlessly trawling round the ‘mall’; but I digress.
(Bakeries do still exist, providing you have a car and don’t mind driving out to a local village to hunt one down)

We used to have one called The Oven door, it made and sold the bread on site and one of the loaves it sold was a Cottage Loaf  topped with poppy seeds, which you don’t tend to see about these days, so I decided to bake my own..

I think I may have set my sights a little high considering I’m not much of a baker at the moment , a cottage loaf it seemed was certainly a rather over ambitious project for a beginner like me, but I didn’t know that until I’d done it and next time I make bread, I’ll make a cob and know it’ll be perfect.

This is not a cottage loaf, it’s more like a big tummy..

I’m calling it..

Cottage cob

I used this recipe for the dough and method, which I started in my mixer, I don’t like the sticky doughy bit so I got it going for a few minutes first and finished kneading by hand, which is quite therapeutic actually, although only for about 7 minutes, then I get fed up..

I let it rise, then came back and assembled it.

looking good

Then I let it rise again, it was about now that I knew it wasn’t going to work out right, I think perhaps my top ‘ball’ was to big or heavy, or maybe it was too warm, I don’t know but it started to have a life of it’s own.


I glazed it and stuck it in the oven anyway..


the blob

A cob.. lol
Despite the fact that my top ball sunk into the bottom one and made one massive, slightly dense, very ugly cob loaf, it tasted fine, just like bread in fact.


Was it a failure?
No, it wasn’t, had I produced an inedible lump of doughy bread that I had to throw out, then it would have been, but we had a very nice, albeit slightly flat loaf of bread which was soon eaten up..

with butter

It made brilliant toast..
So I shall certainly have another go, perhaps something less challenging, but you don’t know until you try..