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I served the meat loaf with some thin bread sauce and some leeks

This meal really was just left overs from both fridge and freezer..

It was a combination of several ideas, the meatloaf which I’d made for the first time ever a while back,  the Morello cherry pot pies and a photo of some savoury ‘cupcakes’ someone had shared on my facebook page ..

Mini meatloaf with potato quennelles

prep mini meatloaf.

I had two sausages and a little turkey mince (left over from the chappali) in the freezer, so I mixed the meats together with some onion, thyme, parsley and seasoning..


Then I lined some muffin molds with spring roll pastry, I have a packet in the freezer and take what I want as I need it..

line with pastry

and then spooned in some of the meat, I had enough to make 6.

fill with meat

They went in the oven for about 20 minutes I think, well until they looked done.

mini meatloaf

In the freezer I had some left over mash from some potato cakes I’d made the other week, it wasn’t much but it was enough to mix up with a few bits of left over boiled and roast potatoes from the other day..

I chopped it all up together and seasoned it.


Then I shaped it into quennelles, I use two tablespoons to do mine.



I put them into a hot roasting tin the oven to brown.

pot quenelle

I served the meat loaf with some thin bread sauce and some leeks..


I really enjoyed them and next time I think the addition of some sage would make them even tastier..