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I’m not too sure on account of being just a weeny bit pissed..

I’ve had a really strange week this week..
Last Saturday I had my first proper 24 hours of respite since November, I went to visit my girlfriend in Essex, I spent the Friday making things to take and a few to leave..

Quiche for lunch; I took the large one with me.
The pastry was just a half fat to flour one and the filling almost identical to the pastryless quiche the other day.


Some Fruit tarts, I took some with me and left a few behind..


They were based on The cheeky little tarts I made a while ago.

and a shitload of cupcakes, which turned out really well, except I had to double the quantity of butter icing and wish I’d done two batches because it wasn’t quite right..
I but I did find some lovely boxes in Asda to package them in..


I don’t think I ever need to make another cupcake again, especially as I caught my husband scraping the icing off, turns out he doesn’t like it, he could’ve said that 4 batches ago, so now I have that out of my system I shall have to move on to other things..

My husbands friend said he’d come round and spend the evening with him so I didn’t have to worry about that, and he bought dinner with him, he made a rabbit pie, I’d have liked to seen it in it’s entirety, apparently he’d even put a pastry rabbit on the top, you can just see it’s ears there.


I had a lovely break, albeit a short one, it’s so nice not to have to do anything for anyone, and to have dinner made for me.

The Lovely K.D made a spaghetti Carbonara which was really nice..


and Flossie and I made cocktails..


I believe this one had, Vodka, dry Vermouth, Italian sparkling wine and lime in it, although to be honest I’m not too sure on account of being just a weeny bit pissed..

I was a bit annoyed when I got back the next day to find the girl who had promised to come round and take the dog out for me hadn’t bothered, nor had she bothered to phone and say why, so I won’t be asking her again, it’s little things like that, that make things more difficult than they already are…

On the Monday hubby said he’d have the left over pie for dinner, I didn’t really fancy it myself, so I made a pasta,


I’ll do a post on that presently..

but on dishing up, the pie smelled so bloody amazing I had a taster, I ended up making a bit of instant mash and having the pie too, it was packed with meat, there were carrots and leek in there and he’d used sage, which really did finish it nicely, I was really impressed with it.

bunny pie

the pasta, well I had that the next evening, Mr 5 was taken very poorly in the morning, I can’t leave him alone for 5 minutes, poor bugger, and is currently in hospital with pneumonia, which is a bit of a pain because I now have a fridge and freezer full of food that I’d got for the long bank holiday weekend and no one to eat it, still, that isn’t important, Mr 5 is responding well to treatment and I’m hoping they let him home at the end of next week..
and it’s only Friday.. lol