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I don’t think that Guinness tastes like Guinness unless you drink it Ireland

I bought a pack of stewing steak with the intention of making something rather nice involving Guinness, but with mr 5 being in hospital I had to have a rethink, I didn’t really fancy stew 3 days running, neither did I want to cook only a small amount of meat at a time, but I did need to eat, so I put the meat into a casserole dish with some water and red wine and put it in the oven for 3 hours while I cut back my overgrown Jasmine and had a think..

I had a little bit of filo pastry in the fridge, I was going to use it up in something and take it with me at the weekend, but I ran out of time.

With half of it I decided to stick with the original plan and made

Little guinness pies:

pie prep

I cooked off some onion, carrot and then mushrooms, added the meat..

cook veg

and poured in some Guinness..
I don’t think that Guinness tastes like Guinness unless you drink it Ireland, over here it tastes like a totally different drink, I think it’s to do with the water..

add guiness

I simmered it for about half an hour, then thickened it up with some Bisto.


Topped it with the filo pastry, which had dried out a bit..

scrumple up filo

and then baked it in the oven until the pastry had browned..


I had it with new potatoes and leeks.

pie and pint

It was really nice..

fork full

I shall have to make it for us both soon..