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all you have to do is thread meat onto a skewer really.

My new favourite person is Paul Hollywood, I’m not sure if it’s his soft, sexy, slightly posh(?) Wirral accent, his twinkling blue eyes, that he makes baking sexy or just that he explains it really well, I never watched the Great British Bake off, so I only know him from the bread making series on BBC2 that is on at the moment, whatever it is, I’ve been inspired to persevere with my bread making and this recipe is from last weeks programme..
It’s so easy, even if you buy the pitta bread, all you have to do is thread meat onto a skewer really.

Pork belly Souvlaki with homemade pitta bread..


I used this pitta bread recipe and they came out really well, considering I have man flu, I only sneezed in the dough twice..lol

pitta bread


I made the kebabs with pork belly..

pork prep

and sprinkled them with a little season-all, salt, pepper and oregano.


and then I cooked them on the stove in a really hot pan..

Half way through cooking I brushed them with some red wine..


I served mine with some mixed leaves and a tomato and mozzarella salad.


They were lovely and they looked really great too, something to add to my BBQ repertoire, assuming we ever get a summer this year..

pork 2

I shall be making those again, and the pitta bread..

pork in pitta