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I can’t think of anything more revolting than cooked aubergine, other than mashed, cooked aubergine,

Still slightly obsessed with the lovely Paul Hollywood I decide to make his Maneesh flatbread, because yeast comes in a 7g packet I reduced my flour to 350g to save opening another packet, I had to get my facebook friends to do the calculations as I’m totally crap at maths, the I discovered ‘bakers percentage’ That I’m afraid went totally over my head, I might attempt to understand it in the distant future, although I’m not holding out much hope..

I altered my topping slightly too, I used a sachet of Dakkuh that I got from The spicery, mixed with a little olive oil, some more sesame seeds and a few mixed herbs, he served his with some Baba Ganoush,  I can’t think of anything more revolting than cooked aubergine, other than mashed, cooked aubergine, I decided to make my own hummus, I’ve only ever had shop bought hummus and I don’t like it, but I do like chick peas, so decided that homemade hummus had to be tastier.

As I wanted this for a main meal I thought I’d have another go at my ‘Heath Robinson Sous Vide’, and do a lamb steak and some peppers using that method..

So I made..

Middle eastern lamb with maneesh and hummus..

This took a little bit of early prep, I made the dough and left it to rise for a couple of hours.

I rubbed the lamb with a mixture of chilli, sumac, all spice, cumin and season-all  and put it into a fairly airtight bag and into a cooler box of water, the temperature was about 40 degrees C, along with some veggies and left it for 3 hours

lamb in bag

Once the dough had risen, I knocked it back, rolled it out and added the sesame seed topping, I made two without as well…
(This would also work with a garlic topping too)

add topping

I put them in the oven for about 15 minutes..


They came out even better than I could have possibly imagined, I reckon it’s kneading them in olive oil instead of flour that does it..

My Hummus:

hummus prep

I made the hummus, I didn’t want an oily, baby sick looking one, so I kept it quite dry and saved a few chick peas to add at the end..

Obviously I needed to taste it, it was divine..

hummus copy

I decided to stop stuffing my face and get on with the rest of dinner..

lamb prep

Which only took a few minutes, I roasted the peppers off first..


and had a bit more bread an hummus to pass the time..

bread with hummus

When the peppers were almost done I took the lamb out of the water, stuck it on to the tray with them for a few minutes, flipped the lamb, back in the oven for a few more minutes, until it was very rare..

rare lamb

Then I smeared the bread with hummus, added the peppers and heap the lamb on top..

lamb with hummus

Even if I say so myself, it was bloody awesome, the bread was amazing, it was soft and yummy and the lamb was mmmmmmm..
Because the heat of the water had ‘cooked’ the lamb it was warm all the way through, which meant that despite only being seared briefly, it was hot inside..