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I did try to do the spinny, in the air, pizza thing, but mine dropped on the floor,

I wanted to use my leftover dough from the tear buns I made the day before, so pizza seemed like the perfect way make use of it.
I bought a couple of pieces of prosciutto and chorizo while I was out getting the papers that morning, oh and some lovely olives, which I had to stop myself from polishing off before I had time to put them on..


pizza prep

I rolled out the dough, I did try to do the spinny in the air, pizza thing, but mine dropped on the floor, so I gave that up as a bad idea, hence the odd shape.

roll out

I pricked the middle to stop it rising too much.

I started with a few slices of raf tomato.


The added some sliced peppers and red onion.


mushrooms, chorizo, some torn basil and a bit of Parmesan dipper


mozzarella and olives


and finally the prosciutto and a splish of oil over the lot.

add proscuitto

I saved a bit of dough to make a tear garlic bread and put them in the oven to bake.

I made some savoyslaw..


and when the pizza was done


added a little Parmesan and the gorged myself..

pizza et al

It was lovely, and nothing like those awful greasy things from Domino’s..

The bread was nice too..
garlic bread