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but after the incident with the iffy langoustine the last time I made it, I wasn’t too keen,

My husband has been on at me to make something with lots of fish in it for ages now, he wanted a Paella, but after the incident with the iffy langoustine the last time I made it, I wasn’t too keen, he was fine though, so he didn’t understand my loathing, suffice to say, I was incredibly unwell after it.

Fish stew, doesn’t sound very appetising does it, for me it conjures up images of fish heads and tails bubbling away in a cauldron, and the iffy langoustine.
Bouillabaisse, Chowder or Cioppino on the other hand make me think of Mediterranean waterside restaurants, sunshine and holidays..

This can’t be called any of those things, it has no tomatoes in it and is too thick to be a chowder, so stew it is, unless I come up with another name before I post this..

Fish Stew

I didn’t know what I was going to do with this even as I was assembling my ingredients, I just knew I didn’t want tomatoes in it this time round..

fish stew prep

The fish was a pie mix pack, smoked, dyed haddock, (personally I’d have preferred it undyed) cod and salmon and the rest was a seafood mix, mussel meat, prawns and some calamari, both of which packs I split in half and froze one half of..

fish mix

I cooked the onions, then flung in a few spring onions as an after thought, then added the peppers, then I added some corn flour to make a roux.


I used cider to begin making the sauce, simply because that was at hand, then finished it off with some very out of date left over buttermilk, I had made some soda bread that morning and it was perfectly ok to use.

add buttermilk

I seasoned the sauce, which I had deliberately kept thin with white pepper and paprika, the added the fish and cooked it out for a little bit before adding the shellfish mix.

add shellfish

I cooked it for a few more minutes before adding a sprinkle of chopped parsley and paprika.

fish stew

I served it with slices of soda bread, some Marie rose sauce, to which I added a splish of Worcestershire sauce and some grated Emmental.

with bread

It was really nice, I had been a bit dubious as to whether I would like it, or if it would be too fishy, but it was just right.

stew 1