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I didn’t want to look like a right muppet and tell him I’d changed my mind..

It’s very difficult to find whitebait these days, as it consists of immature fry of many important food species (such as herring, sprat, sardines, mackerel, bass and many others) it is not an ecologicially viable foodstuff and in several countries strict controls on harvesting exist, I believe it was actually thought to be a species in it’s own right at one time.
You can buy it on line, but I’m still a bit dubious about buying fresh food over the internet.

I got this idea from the Hairy bikers, I don’t usually watch them but it happened to be on so I watched it.


This is my version of their version of

‘mock whitebait’:

mock whitebait prep

I bought some mackerel fillets and a whole herring, I only bought the one because making sure the fillets are free of bones is a tedious, time consuming business,and I couldn’t be arsed faffing about, shame I didn’t see the herring fillets until after he’d parceled up the whole fish, I didn’t want to look like a right muppet and tell him I’d changed my mind, so I just bought them .

I cut the fish into whitebait size pieces.

cut fish

Drenched it in paprika seasoned flour and stuck it into a hot oven, I didn’t pan fry it because I didn’t want my kitchen stinking of fish for the next week.


In the meantime I made up a feta cheese salad and some croutons from a couple of slices of the bloomer I’d made.


I just cubed it, seasoned it, added some oil and baked them..

Then mixed them into the salad.


and served the fish with wedges of lemon and lime.

mock wb

I didn’t think there would be enough, but surprisingly it was really filling..

with salad

Sadly it didn’t taste anything like whitebait, perhaps I ought to try my luck at buying it online.