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and my kitchen was beginning to look like a bombshitit, which is unusual for me,

I rarely follow recipes, unless it’s for baked good, where of course you really have to, I usually have a look at it and then freestyle, so when I decided to make Paul Hollywood’s tortilla stack, instead of making my own version I ‘loosely’  followed his recipe, after all I had bought the book, so I thought I’d use it..

I wish I hadn’t, it wasn’t that it wasn’t nice, I prefer my salsa ‘raw’ and crunchy, this  salsa was cooked, a bit mushy and had a slight bitter taste from the ‘roast’ garlic in it, but that wasn’t his fault, the chicken,   I think I prefer breast meat in something like this, and the flour tortillas, mediocre, that certainly can’t be blamed on Mr H though.

I have concluded that any kind of wrap type flatbread just isn’t my forte, whether it be Chinese pancakes, tortillas or chapati, next time I’ll just buy some Old El Paso mini tortillas for a couple of quid and be done with it.

Tortilla stack:

tortilla prep

I coated the chicken thighs in a paprika, cumin seed, celery seed, garlic powder, dried oregano and cajun seasoning mixture and put them in the oven to roast.

I made the dough for the tortillas using this recipe, I didn’t have any Masa harina, so I used strong white bread flour, let it rest and made some guacamole and the salsa in the meantime.

It started off promising..


and when it came out of the oven it still looked promising, but by then I knew I should have made my own version.

cooked salsa

I blitzed it up in the blender and put it to one side. By now the chicken was done so I took it out and left it to rest while I cooked a few peppers in the same pan, his recipe didn’t have them in it, but I like them, so I added them.

roast peppers

Then I tackled the tortillas, they were bloody hard work I can tell you, I was trying to cook and roll at the same time, which is not an easy task for a novice and my kitchen was beginning to look like a bombshitit, which is unusual for me, I finally managed to make 6 half decent ones.


Then I shredded the chicken and mixed it with the peppers

shred chix Then it was a case of stacking it all together..

guac chz

Guacamole, then the chicken, a dollop of salsa.. chix salsa

some grated cheese, Cheddar and Port Salut in this instance, then another tortilla and so on..


By now I was getting a headache, it had taken me an hour and a half and in my opinion that is far too long to make an evening meal.

In retrospect I should have made the tortillas in advance.


On the whole it wasn’t too bad, Mr 5 said it was ok, but he prefers to ‘roll his own’ and I think I agree..