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snacking while making dinner is a sure fire way of adding unnecessary calories..

I decide to make some fougasse, I’d seen it somewhere or other and put it on my food bucket list and then conveniently there was a recipe for it on the back of my Allinson flour packet.

It turned out ok considering I was distracted by the arrival of the man that had come to fix the lock on the back door and mixed the salt, 7g of yeast, olive oil and water with only 200 g flour instead of 400, which I only  realised after I’d put my hands in the mixture and found it incredible wet, so I had to add more flour, which didn’t seem to do it too much harm, I never thought I’d be raving about dough, but it was lovely to work with and I now have more confidence in knowing when it’s been kneaded enough..

I made 3, two plain ones and one I shoved some olives and Parmesan seasoning in.

3 fourgasse

Pork belly with fougasse:

I like pork belly, whether it’s slow roast or quickly cooked, it’s delicious, fatty, greasy and probably not that good for you, but I don’t care, it’s lovely.

pork belly prep

I mixed the pork with some oregano, lemon juice and seasoning, then put it in the oven to cook, half way through I added peppers, onions and mushrooms..

add veg

When it was done I made an effort to be a bit healthy by putting it on some kitchen paper to remove a little excess fat

pork belly

Then I piled on the peppers.


added some feta cheese and some rocket..

add feta

and served it with the olive fougasse.

olive fourgasse

It was lovely, I really must stop using lovely, I sound like someones nan..

pok and peppers

I have to admit we did eat some of the bread while dinner was cooking.


which is something I try not to do, snacking while making dinner is a sure fire way of adding unnecessary calories..