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sort of using up left overs before they were left over, beforeovers

This was a strange dinner, well mine wasn’t but Mr 5 ‘s was, although he didn’t think so.
I had bought him a venison steak a while ago, but he went into hospital and I never got round to using it, so I thought I’d do something with it before it got lost under the frozen sweetcorn and succumbed to freezer burn, when I asked him what he wanted me to do with it he said he’d like it plain, with new potatoes and frozen peas, no sauce, no gravy, nothing, he’s weird like that..

I was having lamb, so I made some pitta cum naan bread to go with mine and the soup I was planning for the next days lunch.

I warm water cool boxed both venison and the lamb for 3 hours in 40° c water, then browned it quickly on a ridged skillet.

cook meat


He had his rather boringly plain..


I had mine with lentils which I boiled first then mixed with some veg puree from the veg soup I was in the process of making, sort of using up left overs before they were left over..


and some roast peppers and onions.


Mine was gorgeous, I really need to use more lentils in my cooking, he said his was perfect, I’m not a great fan of venison, so I took his word for it..