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Did he like them, of course he did, he’s a dog, he eats horse poo..

Today is Woofboys birthday, he is 10..


I still remember when he arrived, he was 6 months old and his owners decided they didn’t want him, so a friend of a friend bought him round to us, he wasn’t really the sort of dog we were looking for, but he needed a home and we had one to give, he had a few issues when he came, now he has more, but he seems to have fitted in and I’d like to think he’s happy..

He was so odd looking, long body, big swishy tail and a tiny little head, Mr 5 still occasionally calls him ‘pin head’, we really ought to DNA him and find out exactly what he is, to me he’s a Welsh squirrel terrier..

Anyway I kept meaning to make dog biscuits, so this was a good enough reason, don’t get me wrong I’m not one of ‘those’ dog owners, he’s a dog, he doesn’t know it’s his birthday and he doesn’t need toys, presents or cake, what he needs is a bloody long walk to tire him out and shut him up..lol

Parker’s peanut butter cookies:

I mixed up peanut butter with skimmed milk, added a tsp baking powder and some wholewheat flour and made a dough..

Rolled it out and cut out some biscuits


and baked them until they were brown..


I piped some mashed potato on a couple..

with mashed potato

Did he like them, of course he did, he’s a dog, he eats horse poo..

Obviously I tried one, very dry, bit like eating  MDF, tasted  peanut buttery, not something I’d have with a cup of tea though..lol