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I used undyed smoked haddock, they yellow stuff always seems so unnatural to me.

I got the inspiration for this dish from This was dinner’s blog and her  fishcakes post, hers looked so yummy I knew I’d have to make something similar, so thanks for that TWD.

I made this with some left over M & S mashed potato that I’d put in the freezer a while ago, it was a bit wet, I had to sieve it and dry it out a bit, but it used it up..

I also used ready made Hollandaise sauce, because making it is a rather tedious affair and it was cheaper than a packet of unsalted French butter, unfortunately it split a tiny bit, but that didn’t affect the overall result, It was very rich, certainly not something I would make often though, well I would the fishcakes, just not all the rest of it..

I used undyed smoked haddock, they yellow stuff always seems so unnatural to me, says she who only had golden breadcrumbs because I’d run out of natural ones and didn’t even have a piece of bread in the house to make any..lol

Smoked Haddock fishcakes:

fish prep

I poached the haddock in a little milk, very lightly, let it cool down a bit and flaked it up with some tomatoes, spring onions, a bit of grated port salut and a little salt and pepper.

mix fish

Then I mixed in the mash and shaped them into cakes.

fish into cakes

I chilled them for 10 minutes just to help them keep their shape, then I panéed them and put them in a hot oven..


In the meantime I wilted some baby leaf spinach in butter and a little water and made some soda bread rolls, I only had strong white bread flour and spelt, so I used that and some buttermilk, they turned out fine..

spelt soda

When the fishcakes were done it was simply a case of putting the spinach and 2 poached eggs on top.

with eggs

and then coating them with Hollandaise.

fishcakes benedict

They were delicious, but very rich, especially with all that sauce over them, the bread went well with them..

with soda bread