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and for pudding I made the easiest of peasiest, passion fruit souffle.

Thursday was my birthday, I can’t believe I’m 44, I don’t feel it and I can’t believe it’s been 9 years since I had to retire from work either, my how time flies..

As we had to vote in the morning, we went to Cafe Rouge afterwards for breakfast, which was really nice, but then it always is, and I decided that I’d make a nice 3 course meal for dinner, nothing fancy, just something a little special, I don’t tend to eat a starter and a dessert these days, it’s too much food and I end up with a ‘food hangover’ the next day, in my youth though, god didn’t I used to be able to put it away!!

We had a very nice 2010 Crozes Hermitage with it, and a bottle of Champagne after that the dog had kindly bought me, He seems to have got himself a Moonpig account…

I had some Camembert  in the fridge that needed using up so I breaded it, warmed it in the oven and had it with red currant jelly for my starter.


Mr 5 wanted prawns..

prawns copy

I did a simple lamb cutlets with roasted vegetables as our main course.


and for pudding I made the easiest of peasiest

passion fruit souffle.


This was really very easy indeed, I did a little prep in advance, weighed out the sugar, separated the egg, buttered the dishes, but from experience it’s best made as and when you want it, if you put it in the fridge for any amount of time before hand, it won’t rise quite so nicely, and it doesn’t take much effort..

For two:

1. Butter and sugar your dishes and put them in the fridge.

2. Remove the flesh from the fruit and mix it up a little.

3. In a bowl, beat one egg yolk with 11g caster sugar until light and creamy.

4. In another bowl whip the egg white, half way through add 11g caster sugar,continue to whip to soft peaks.

5. mix the passion fruit into the egg yolk mixture.

6. Fold the egg yolk mixture into the egg whites using a metal spoon.

7. put into a hot oven (about 200) for about 8 to 10 minutes, or risen.

8. Remove, dust with icing sugar and serve immediately.


It really is the easiest of methods for a fruit souffle, there is no messing about and it doesn’t feel like you’ve actually eaten anything, well apart from it being incredible sweet..