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probably took about the same amount of time to cook as it would have done to reheat the ready meal.

The cupboard really was bare yesterday, I could’ve given old Mother Hubbard a run for her money..
Knowing that all I had were a couple of chicken breasts in the fridge, the temptation to grab something simple while I’d popped into Morrison on my way past to buy an apple for that afternoons epic scamper was quite strong and as I was heading past those bagged up take away meals for two, I nearly picked one up, but I had a word with myself and bought a packet of poppadoms instead, I had ingredient to make a take away curry indoors.

I had in the fridge, a jar or Korma paste and a jar of Tikka paste, they must have been in there for yonks by now, but even though it says discard 3 months after opening, they looked fine, and seem to be, neither of us are dead yet..

So I made

Home made Take away

I tend to have a tin of Bombay potatoes in the cupboard, they always come in handy, I also had a container of Basmati rice in the freezer, I put it in there last month when it was left over from something and now was an ideal time to use it up, I found a single naan bread in there too, and I had half a tub of creme fraiche left over..

curry prep

it was dead easy and tasted just like the one you get in the supermarket, except I didn’t have any bhaji or samosa with it.

I fried off half a diced onion in two pans, then added the chicken and cooked that.

two pans

into one, the tikka paste

tikka paste

and the other Korma paste.

korma paste

I found a small tub of frozen passata, added most of it to the tikka and the rest to the korma, then added creme fraiche to both..

korma 2


heated up the Bombay aloo and the rice and it was done, probably took about the same amount of time to cook as it would have done to reheat the ready meal.


it was lovely..


I’ve been food shopping this morning and I took a list, so hopefully this week’s dinners wont be so difficult to think of..