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The fish was beautiful, it really didn’t need any mucking about with..

And another week flies by, I went shopping Tuesday, with a list, so this week I should have enough food to go round..
The weather was beautiful, you wouldn’t believe it now, it’s pissing down and blowing a gale, so before I went out on an epic scamper, I made some dough and left it to do it’s thing while I was out..


I love the countryside near me, it’s full of wonderful surprises, lambs, horses and crocodiles..

When I got back I sorted out the dough and for dinner we had..

Baked hake with veg hash and adzuki beans

not one of best prep photos I’m afraid.

hake prep

I cut everything up first, seasoned and covered the hake in lime juice, put some onions in a pan in the oven with a few fennel seeds and roasted them,

cut veg

and then got on with the dough.
I made 3 almost plaited rolls, the dough was a bit sticky, I blame the half left over egg I put in it, I should have just used it as a glaze, it made it a little difficult to work with.
I made a couple of parmesan roll/flatbread things and a dried fruit and mixed spice ‘Stromboli’ which I didn’t know it was called until Feeding Darragh mentioned it on my bread plait post, so thanks to her for the info..



Mr 5 is becoming a fruit bread addict.

So on with dinner.

I took the onions out, put the veg in.


Then when it was almost done put the fish in, the cold, leftover roast potatoes, some tomatoes and the onions..

bake hake

I cooked it for about 10 minutes and served the lot on a pile of adzuki beans.

hake and veg

The fish was beautiful, it really didn’t need any mucking about with..

with adzuki beans

As I’m a cheesaholic I sprinkle some Parmesan over mine.


I’ll definitely be buying hake again.