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there was a moment of panic when I glugged too much fish sauce in and had to drain some of it off..

What a strange week it’s been, probably because there was a bank holiday at the beginning of it, the weather was really nice and then it went to pot, which doesn’t do much to lift my mood, I hate it being so windy, it irritates me immensely, but that might just be my hormones and my time of life..
and although I’ve had dinner every evening this week, I’ve not really done anything different enough to justify a blog post..
I made this on Friday I think, I can’t even remember what I had on Thursday.

Nothing spectacular I’m afraid, I bought some beansprouts that morning while I was in Morrisons getting the papers, and picked up a 4 pack of veggie spring rolls while I was at it, mostly for lunch.

Mr 5 loves beansprouts, and he keeps going on at me to get some, so I do, but there are only so many beansprouts one can eat, these only lasted the day and I ended up chucking half a bag away because they had already started to deteriorate and wonder why I bother buying them in the first place..
anyway, enough of me moaning, as I had the Baco oven bags I decided to use one for these ribs..

Hoi sin pork ribs with stir fried noodles and things

porkrib prep

It was simple enough, I put the ribs in the bag, covered them in hoi sin sauce and stuck them in the oven.

ribs in bag

I made a pile of stir fried veggies, and some noodles, to which I added a little soy sauce and fish sauce, (I bought the fish sauce because I am planning on making pad thai noodles at some point) there was a moment of panic when I glugged too much fish sauce in and had to drain some of it off..

strifried veg

When the ribs where done, I split open the bag and cooked them for a bit longer..

open bag

I had two spring rolls left from lunch and I’d bought some of those Thai crackers, which were really nice, I’ve never had them before.

veg roll

and that was it really..

hoi sin ribs

ribs 1

and there was hardly any washing up, because the mess was in the bag..

ribs and veg