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I managed to make 12 really dodgy ones and it took me over an hour.

A little while ago I tried my hand at Chinese pancakes, I found them really quite difficult, so I decided to have another go the other morning when I had more time, and they were still really difficult, they were hard to roll out, hard to cut out, hard to cook and hard to peel apart, I managed to make 12 really dodgy ones and it took me over an hour.

Just as a precaution, that afternoon I popped into a Chinese take away and the chap in there kindly sold me two packs of pancakes, I thought if mine where really bad when I warmed them up I would have something to fall back on and if not I could always freeze them for another meal..


Mine looked ‘rustic’ compared to the manufactured ones..

Hoi sin duck thighs with pancakes:

So that evening I coated some duck thighs in hoi sin sauce, Tesco were doing an offer and they were £2 off.

duck thighs

Then I cooked them until they were brown

roast duck

Then I shredded the meat from the bone.

crispy duck

and served them with cucumber, spring onions and more hoi sin

cue and so

The pancakes were really nice, but they are so tricky to make I won’t bother again, still at least I can say I tried, twice..
with hoi sin and cue

It was also far cheaper to do the duck this way than to buy one of those kits that supply you with everything..