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and if you are one of those people that are inclined to have brunch, then this would probably make an amazing brunch too.

So Mr 5 finally got a hospital bed yesterday, quite late in the day though and he finally had his last supper, but because he was admitted so late he had to have what there was going, which turned out to be
a cheese sandwich, pizza slice turnover and two desserts, I think he must have blagged the two desserts myself..
He kindly sent me a photo after he’d devoured the cheese sandwich. I bet he was glad of all those last suppers now.


I got home from the hospital, ravenous, not really in the mood to cook, or even think about it, so this is my ‘no thought, can’t be arsed, if I were posh I’d call it supper’ dinner..

Awesome potato and egg supper:

I put some Jersey royals on to boil, they were so nice the night before, I thought I’d do them again.

While they were doing I put some onions in the oven to crisp up

crispy onions

and then zoned out in front of Candy crush saga for half an hour. I’m on level 213 in case you are wondering..

I crushed the potatoes.


stuck them in the oven, added some cherry tomatoes, when they were almost done, crisped up some prosciutto

crispy prosc

and assembled it, with a piece of processed cheese on top of the potatoes, I always have processed cheese in the fridge, ‘cuz you never know when you might want to make bacon and egg muffin, and that’s the only cheese that will do.

stack up

Then I added two fried eggs


Even if I say so myself, this was one of the most deliciously, awesome, comforting yummy dinners that ever was..

fried eggs

I suppose it’s a lazy version of sausages and potato cakes, whatever, the variations are endless and I’m sure I’ll come up with more, I’ll certainly be making it again.